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Synchronize with modified file instead of overwriting

Added by Tommy Goode almost 6 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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KeePass for Windows handles the case that multiple users modify the same KeePass kdbx file at once (through Dropbox, etc) by checking for modification each time the file is saved. If it's been modified since the last save, the program gives the option to synchronize the changes instead of overwriting what is on the disk.

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#1 Updated by Johan Ryberg almost 6 years ago

This would be a very welcome update to KeePassX

#2 Updated by Francois Ferrand over 5 years ago

Pull request submitted:

This patch does not really implement merging; instead, it asks to reload the database when the window gets activated. This should work most of the time, i.e. long as people are not modifying the file on two systems at the same time, and KeePassX is configured to save the database after each modification.

#3 Updated by Ondřej Kudlík over 4 years ago

Synchronizing (same way as keepass2 on windows) is only feature which prohibits me and my colleagues to use keepassx. We need to access shared databases in same time and change them too.

I'm not able to provide code myself but I'll be happy to test it or help in another way. Keepass2 with its mono is huge pain to use on linux.

#4 Updated by Callum Macdonald almost 4 years ago

Any progress on this? I checked the PR and it looks like there's working code for this feature. Would be a really nice to have. I'm using KeepassX on two OSX machines, syncing the database, and this feature would prevent the risk of overwriting records.

#5 Updated by Pete Philips almost 4 years ago

+1 . This feature is also becoming a showstopper for me in an otherwise excellent product.

#6 Updated by Robert Updegraff over 3 years ago

Synchronization is a must for me as well. I share a keepass DB with at least 2 Windows users at a time and must be able to sync to assure we don't step on each others updates.

I would be willing to help out with testing of this feature. I wish I could help with the actual coding, but that is a skill where I'm very much still an amateur.

Thanks for your consideration!

#7 Updated by Steve Kluth over 3 years ago

+1... Please.

#8 Updated by Tim Klaversma over 3 years ago

What's the status on this feature, since it one of the most requested features people that work crossplatform need?
Like everyone else here, it is a must which keeps preventing me from using KeePassX.

Hope this will be picked up soon :)

#9 Updated by Tim Klaversma about 3 years ago

Is this still planned for the near feature..??
I've seen so many pull requests on github.

#10 Updated by Bill Smithem about 3 years ago

Was excited to discover that the 2.0 compatible version was released. Then very disappointed to discover that the lack of sync makes it unusable unless use is restricted to a single device.

Without sync, the risk of damaging the database by overwriting changes is too high to use it.

#11 Updated by Ulrich-Lorenz Schlüter about 2 years ago

Exactly what I need. Sync is really missing, I VOTE FOR IT!

#12 Updated by Ulrich-Lorenz Schlüter about 2 years ago

This feature request is open for so long. Where is the problem implementing this as an option? Is it lack of ressources or what else? This missing feature is a major offdraw.

Besst regards,

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